La chambre bleue – Sylvain Demange

Breaking the taboo of access to parenthood through MAP with an unprecedented photographic investigation  A dive into the intimate accompanied by contributions from experts to grow the debate on infertility issues.

Unprecedented immersion in the reality of people having recourse to reproductive health, La Chambre bleue is a plea to support future parents in their unique journey towards the creation of a family. It makes visible the strength of the desire for a child and gives the keys to understanding why and how to access parenthood: what is fertility? What diagnoses? What protocols? Which centers? Why does it work or not? What is the law in France, elsewhere?

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This book brings together the testimonies of men and women who have had recourse to MAP. Through their stories, in words and images, it is a question of giving a face to these different journeys and showing their daily life. These photographic reports recount with acuity and sensitivity all the issues faced by these people, and shed an intimate light on their experience.

These testimonies are put into perspective by an artistic work that seeks to show how the desire for a child manifests itself through the preparation of the room of the future baby. “The Blue Room” is also the symbol of the expectations and projections of future parents.

Finally, the book gives the floor to all the actors who intervene or think about bioethics in general and MAP in particular in order to establish an inventory of the subject.

The book is published in partnership with BAMP! to mark its 10th anniversary, and will be previewed during Infertility Week in early November. Part of the profits from sales will be donated to BAMP! as will part of your contributions.







The book 

Format 24×32,7 cm, 184 pages

Sewn paperback, cover with large flaps, 2 different papers inside

More than 130 photographs, a dozen experts

Extraits du livre – maquette en cours


PHOTOS & CAPTIONS Sylvain Demange
INTERVIEWS Léonor Lumineau
WRITER Valérie Van Oost
GRAPHIC DESIGN Marie Bondeelle





What is La Chambre bleue?

In 2016, photographer Sylvain Demange began documentary work around access to MAP (medically assisted procreation). He does not know that this investigation will extend over many months before culminating in this book project 7 years later, in 2023.

Asking those who are going through a journey of access to parenthood, convincing them to accept the presence of a photographer by their side at each stage of this journey, is not easy.

Thanks to his perseverance, his listening and the trust he received, we enter into what touches the deepest intimacy. Because having a child, becoming a parent, is more and more often an obstacle course where love is put to the test as much as the gaze of loved ones or society questions the motivations of all those who have recourse to it.

By accompanying Marie and Felipe, Anne-Laure and David, Lucie and Marc, Sarah and Sylvain, Nadège and Vincent, Caroline, Agathe and Chloé on their respective journeys, Sylvain Demange gives us to see stories, hopes, sufferings, joys.

Supported since the beginning of its investigation by BAMP! which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, Sylvain Demange and Virginie Rio, the president and founder of BAMP! (NGO recognized as being of general interest and approved by the French Ministry of Health and Prevention), have decided to bring together all of their testimonies within a choral book that takes stock with the words of experts, in counterpoint to these intimate stories, on all the issues related to MAP and puts into perspective the many obstacles to which answers will have to be found…

Thanks to innovations in reproductive medicine, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), egg and sperm donation, blood freezing eggs and surrogacy, a growing number of families around the world can grow.

But there is still a lot more to do…

Tours, chez Sofie (35 ans) et Jérôme (34 ans). Ils vivent ensemble depuis 8 ans. Ils sont passés par un cursus PMA au CECOS de Tours après de longs mois sans réussir à avoir un enfant. Une grossesse a débuté après le premier transfert mais au 6e mois (novembre 2016) Sofie a accouché d’un prématuré, le petit garçon n’a malheureusement pas survévu. Après la période de deuil, ils ont décidé de lancer une procédure de don d’ovocyte (Sofie ne peut plus en produire). Plus tard, ils ont décidé d’annuler cette procédure au profit d’un don d’embryon.

À la piscine de Courbevoie avec Felipe pendant une séance d’apnée. “Au début je n’étais pas sûr de vouloir cette PMA. C’était Marie qui allait tout subir. Et ça ne garantissait pas un enfant à la fin. La PMA, ça peut durer 1 an, 7 ans, voire ne pas marcher. Et c’est le couple, privé de la spontanéité de l’amour, qui prend”.


Why this book? 

Infertility affects more than 3.3 million people in France.

More than 150,000 women are undergoing treatment to boost their fertility.

Scientists are also warning about the vertiginous drop in the number and quality of men’s sperm, announcing that if nothing is done, men will be sterile by 2050.

Children born following MAP represent 3.6% of total births. And that’s without counting all the French men and women who do MAP abroad and whose children, who are born in France, are not counted in these figures.

It is no longer time to prove that the degradation of environmental health directly impacts reproductive health and overall health. And this, from gestation, early childhood.

These subjects directly or indirectly concern each of us as individuals, but also society as a whole. It is a public health issue that concerns the future of our societies.

It seems important to us to do everything possible to reverse the trend and regain good fertility, that the use of MAP is a choice and not a constraint linked to failing fertility.

The debates on the various bio-ethics laws passed since 1994 (year of the adoption of the first bio-ethics laws, then 2004, 2011 and 2021) have shown how eminently sociological and anthropological this subject is. For the vote on the latest law, more than 3 years of debate culminated in the vote in the summer of 2021.

With the 10th anniversary of the BAMP collective! which brings together patients and ex-patients of Medically Assisted Procreation, infertile and sterile people and parents of children born via MAP techniques (AI, IVF, gamete donation), it is time to do the point with serenity and hindsight on all the issues related to the MAP and on the developments on the scientific and legal levels that remain to be made.

PMA for all is finally a reality, no longer a slogan hanging on a sign, and we’re proud of it. Long live solo moms, long live co-mums, your love transcends us. [Dr. Mikael Agopiantz – Senior Lecturer in Gynecology – Gynecologist and coordinator of the Nancy CHRU MPA center, Dr Mikaël Agopiantz and his team were among the first to perform in vitro fertilization (IVF) for a female couple in 2021.]


Who is the book for?

This book is primarily intended for all those concerned by infertility, and by MAP because they have had recourse to it, or wish to do so. It is also intended for all children born using assisted reproduction techniques. But also to all people who wish to update their knowledge and their thoughts on this preponderant social subject as it lays the foundations for the world of tomorrow.


Why support this book?

Supporting this project means:

  • Join in an awareness-raising process on all issues related to infertility and MAP
  • participate with an amplified voice in the action developed by BAMP! to better inform and offer qualified content to better understand the legal framework and the challenges of civilization at work via all the present or future systems made available to citizens
  • Celebrate the power of photography to embrace a major subject, with anthropological scope


♦ Some key data ♦

In France, the bioethics law, voted definitively on August 2, 2021, gave rise to the following changes:

– The opening of medically assisted procreation to female couples and single women

– The opening of the self-storage of gametes without medical reason

– A right of access to the personal origins of children born from medically assisted procreation with a third party donor

– The creation of a fertility plan

– Authorization of double gamete donation



The experts 

  • Pr Nelly Achour Chneiweiss (Service de Biologie de la Reproduction CECOS, DMU Santé des femmes et des nouveau-nés, Hôpital Antoine Béclère)
  • Dr Sylvie Epelboin (gynécologue obstétricienne et coordinatrice du centre AMP à l’hôpital Bichat)  
  • Pr Samir Hamamah (resp. du département de biologie de la reproduction du CHU de Montpellier)  
  • Pr Micheline Misrahi (Unité de Génétique Moléculaire des Maladies Métaboliques et de la Reproduction) 
  • Dr Mikaël Agopiantz (gynécologue obstétricien)
  • Séverine Mathieu (École Pratique des Hautes Études, PSL Directrice d’études)
  • Tullia Penna (docteur en philosophie Université de Turin) 
  • Pr Nathalie Massin (cheffe de service d’AMP – Endocrinologie de la reproduction CHI Créteil) 
  • Fabrice Cahen (sociologue, chargé de recherches à l’INED, membre du collectif Esopp)


Who is Sylvain Demange?

Aged 44, Sylvain Demange chose photography as a medium of artistic expression. Convinced of the importance of the work of an author, Sylvain is committed to dealing with the long-term stories of society that challenge us.

His search for stories can lead him to work abroad (for example, he has worked on the impact of mining companies in Indonesia) but also within our daily lives and our intimacy.

In 2017, he published two books with Créaphis, “Cadets slides”, a portrait of the Cadet’ Circus, the largest amateur circus in France, and “Comme on peut”, which studies the question of the transmission of memory through remnants of the First World War.

Since September 2016, he has accompanied on a daily basis different stories of families forced to use the medical route of AMP (medically assisted procreation) in France or abroad to carry out their parental project.

Falling in love with Martinique in 2003, he works very regularly on the spot in order to constitute a contemporary island chronicle. In June 2021, he had the opportunity to carry out his first photographic exhibition, in the company of the Martinican historian Sylvie Meslien, on the gates of the prefecture of Fort-de-France with a memorial work around dissidence and the Martinican resistance during the Second World War, then in May 2023, in Nantes.


What is the BAMP!?

For 10 years, the association BAMP! is for everyone, without conditions related to sexual orientation, around 4 major axes:

– Testify, inform and act on the different aspects of infertility, sterility, MAP, parenthood via gamete donation, post MAP without children

– Accompany and support infertile and sterile people before, during and after a course of MAP, whether they have left it with or without children. But also parents and future parents, as well as donors and gamete donors.

– Ensuring representativeness functions within the framework of health democracy.

– Promote Infertility Awareness Week and all awareness and information actions


The issues 

Since the first children born from in-vitro fertilization (1978 in England and 1982 in France), questions related to medically assisted procreation have generated numerous debates and even polemical positions. This shows that the subject of infertility and MAP concerns us all: becoming a parent remains a major social issue, since it remains an objective for many of us, even if the non-desire for a child also becoming increasingly well known. Fertility and infertility are also public health issues. New demands related to new societal developments in the family and parenthood have emerged, broadening the public that can use MAP.

Today, whatever our situation, we may one day be confronted with the need to need medical help to become a parent, or the existence of relatives who have themselves had recourse to MAP. even to the children born thanks to these techniques.

If infertility was the main cause of recourse to MAP (it still concerns 3.3 million French people), since 2021, the active queues of MAP centers have been open to all women who, like heterosexual couples , may be faced with causes of medical infertility. This necessary equality in access to care poses new psycho-social questions to certain parts of French society and to MAP doctors: single women, asexual women, women in situations of social fragility, fertile women, “very youth “. Thus, the usual representations of sexuality and parenthood are shaken up and women in all their dimensions offer society new psycho-sociological questions.

Infertility and its corollary fertility must now fully enter the heart of public policy so that issues of prevention in reproductive health and environmental health can infuse into the different strata of French society.


Publisher Hemeria >> The Hemeria publishing house supports photographers and institutions involved in high-profile social projects. With this new book devoted to the MAP, she continues to contribute to the essential work of reflection on one of today’s most important subjects, and is more than ever committed to promoting a fairer, more egalitarian, freer world.









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