1. What is Hemeria Crowdfunding?

What is a crowdfunding campaign?

We accompany photographers, galleries and photographic art centres in the production, publishing and distribution of their exceptional works in France and internationally.

As we are a small independent company, we need to find funds to meet our high quality standards.

Crowdfunding allows photographers to help get funds from our & their networks.

What is the difference between hemeria.com and crowdfunding.hemeria.com?

Hemeria.com is the main website of Hemeria.

You will find :

– Our online library to buy books

– Our magazine where we talk about photography and our services.

Crowdfunding.hemeria.com is the crowdfunding platform where photographers seeks money to fund their exceptional photobook project.

2. Rewards & payments

What is happening if you don’t reach the goal by the end of the campaign?

There is two possibilities :

  • If we do not achieve our objective but are able to carry out the project by other means you will get your rewards
  • If we do not achieve our objective and are unable to carry out the project by other means, you will be fully reimbursed within 7 days.

I don’t see my rewards in the cart/checkout

Don’t worry, you will get the right rewards according to your payment.

Please check the rewards section of the project page to know what you will get.

When I will get my rewards?

You can see the estimated delivery date on the Rewards section of the campaign page (bottom of the page on mobile, right side on tablet & desktop).

If the project is a success, you will get an email to confirm the date.

How to get two different rewards?

You can’t have two different rewards in one payment, you need to pay once for a first reward and pay a second time for the another one.

3. Terms & Privacy

I don’t want my name to be displayed online

You can make an anonymous payment during the checkout.

If you took a reward with your name in the book, please contact us if you don’t want to see your name in the book.