La nuit est une page blanche

Cyril Dion, Stéphane Guiran & Katarzyna Kot

La nuit est une page blanche is a poetic gesture that brings together the voices of 3 artists: the poet Cyril Dion and the visual arts duo G&K (Stéphane Guiran and Katarzyna Kot). 

In December 2022, the duo G&K set off to learn how to walk on a melting world, by listening to the memory of a Great Living Being, the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland. Their creation addresses the glacier as a Being-place animated by a thousand-year-old resonance. They pay it a tribute of light, illuminating the night at the height of the winter solstice. 

On their return, they meet Cyril Dion, with whom they share the desire to rekindle the flame of another possible future. Together, they decided to create a book that brings together their drawings, photographs and poems around a creation that illuminates the night we are passing through. Their gesture is an invitation to a new way of being in symbiosis with the Earth, with our own inner world. 

The book, published by Les heures brèves, is part of a series of works by G&K, including a short film, a creation notebook, and an exhibition in Paris at the Pierre-Alain Challier gallery in November 2023, curated by Jean-Marc Dimanche.  

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The Book

Book: 160 pages
70 photographs and drawings
Format: 290 x 245 mm
Release date: November 7, 2023
Price : 65 euros


Cyril Dion, poetry as resistance 

For the past twenty years, Cyril Dion has been leading the way as a man committed to fighting the climate crisis and building a fairer world. Initially recognized for his activism and associations (notably through Les Colibris, with Pierre Rabhi), he began speaking out in 2012 as a writer (with the magazine Kaisen, then the novel Imago), then as a director with a number of successful documentaries (Demain, Animal, Un monde nouveau…). Poetry, which he has been writing since the age of 17, is a sensitive thread linking the different dimensions of his commitment to another world. His first collection, assis sur le fil, was published in 2014 by Editions de la Table Ronde. In 2022, he published à l’Orée du danger with Actes Sud, a collection in which he searches for the glimmer of dawn without ceasing to recall the elements of disaster. In 2023, he proposes Résistances Poétiques, a poetic experience set to the music of Sébastien Hoog. 


G&K, listening to the Living Ones 

The duo of Stéphane Guiran and Katarzyna Kot was born at the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, as part of the 2022 art season. From this encounter sprang the desire to embark on a common creative path, meditating with the Earth and proposing a different view of the challenges we face with climate change. Their duet sees tomorrow as a new chapter opening up, offering the possibility of imagining other ways of being in the world. Their works, which resonate with Glenn Albrecht’s concept of the symbiocene, are born of listening to the memory and fragility of our planet’s Great Living Things (glaciers, forests, rivers, mountains…). La nuit est une page blanche is their first opus. In 2024, they will continue their creative research in the primary forest of Bialowieza in Poland, one of the very last in Europe.


Le murmure du vent

Print reserved for subscriptions made during the crowdfunding campaign.
Original signed print from Le murmure du vent, 20×25 cm.




Short film

Trailer for the short film to be released on November 7.



You will get a signed book by authors.

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You will get a signed book by authors
+ A print of an original drawing by G&K, Le murmure du vent (original signed print, 20x25cm).

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You will get two signed books by authors
+ A print of an original drawing by G&K, Le murmure du vent (original signed print, 20x25cm).

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