Climate Heroes
by Maxime Riché

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What is heroism? In Climate Heroes, documentary photographer Maxime Riché shares the stories of seemingly ordinary individuals he met and photographed around the world, who took action when their lives and communities were concretely affected by climate change. They rose to the challenge well before the climate crisis was a mainstream concept.

Today, with the publishing of the book in English, you too can become part of the solution!
By funding this edition, you will also directly support projects in the field: those of the Climate Heroes who are acting relentlessly to imagine and implement solutions to reduce our carbon emissions.


For more than 10 years, Maxime Riché and the Climate Heroes project team have been traveling around the world (while monitoring their carbon emissions!) to meet the Climate Heroes. Every day, these men and women, ordinary citizens, are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and provide examples of how to build a new world. By 2050, there will be 1.2 billion climate refugees in the world whether from floodings, megafires or droughts (study by the Institute for Economics and Peace published in September 2020). We can’t wait any longer to start acting.

The Climate Heroes book tells the story of 8 of those ordinary heroes who inspired thousands of others to care for the planet. The book is built around the 4 steps that characterize their journey: The Awakening / Taking Action / The Path / Regeneration.


The Climate Heroes do not act alone. Today, thousands of people have been drawn into their movement:

– 2,000 women trained in plastic recycling by Isatou Ceesay and her group Women Initiative The Gambia, acquiring a place in Gambian society;
– Several hundred farmers trained in permaculture by Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer, with rates of carbon storage in the soil of the Bec Hellouin farm 7 to 26 times higher than conventional crops;
– In Cambodia, it is the equivalent of the Fontainebleau forest – 21,000 hectares – whose trees are protected from deforestation one by one, by hand, by the monks of the Bun Saluth group

And so many others… What the Climate Heroes demonstrate is that each and every one of us can act at our own level for the common good. Modern heroes are citizens like you and me.

10% to 40% of all proceeds from the pre-sales will be channeled directly to the real-world projects included in the book. AND you’ll get a beautiful art book gathering over 10 years of work, documenting in photography the work of the Climate Heroes.

But this book is not only nice to look at: it dreams of being a tool to foster change. In it, you can also write down ideas for solutions before sharing it with others. It is a call to set sail on your own journey for climate action.


Here is a unique chance to support practical projects, active for over 10 years already!
By supporting this crowdfunding you will also give directly to those projects :

Our first objective is to pre-sell 200 copies of the book in order to be able to print it.
For $75, you will get a copy of the book signed by the author with your name inside as a contributor (you can share it with friends later too!) and 10% of your contribution will be paid to the non-profits and collectives of citizens who manage the projects included in the book

Our second objective, once we have ensure that the book can be printed, is to sell another 100 copies while increasing the contribution to the Climate Heroes projects
You still contribute $75 and get a copy of the book signed by the author with your name inside as a contributor 25% of all proceeds are donated to the Climate Heroes projects


Our third objective, if all goes to perfection and we have even more contributors, is to increase (AGAIN!) the amount for the Climate Heroes
You still contribute $75 and get a copy of the book signed by the author with your name inside as a contributor 40% of all proceeds are donated to the Climate Heroes projects



To print the book, we will only use noble materials and paper from sustainably managed forests in accordance with FSC and PEFC standards, in order to limit its footprint on the environment.

The paper

The papers selected, Arctic Volume White 130g and Munken Polar Rough 250g, come from the Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper which has been working for many years to reduce its carbon footprint. This paper mill is one of the most ecological in the world.

In addition to low water consumption, it has some of the lowest effluent figures in the industry. The production of one kilogram of this paper requires only 3 liters of water, compared to 16 liters consumed elsewhere, and the water discharged into the fjord is virtually free of foreign matter.


The printing and finishing of the book will be done on the same site, in France. The printer uses water-based inks. With this technology, three times less ink is deposited on the paper than with traditional offset technologies and without any chemical rejection. This technique also consumes less paper (less waste). Finally, the unitary film that protects the book will be organic: 100% recyclable and composed of 52% bio-sourced polymers.

With your help, we will be able to print and distribute the Climate Heroes book:

Format 17 x 23,8 cm
256 pages + cover with flaps
20mm sewn spine (better longevity, better opening of the book and less glue)
We can print and pre-sell the book. Unpre-sold copies will be available for sale on the website of our publisher, Hemeria.


Maxime Riché, photographer

Maxime lives and works in Paris. An engineer background in life sciences does not fully satisfy him and he decides to create the Climate Heroes movement in 2010. He uses photography and film to study the notion of “limit” in our modern societies and its refusal to satisfy our more or less essential demands. In his long-term projects, he is interested in our will to produce, grow, or even attain eternal life, while being increasingly disconnected from the natural world.

He has been exhibited at the Grand Palais (Paris, 2015), Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs (Bordeaux, 2016) and at the Cui Zhenkuan Museum (Xi’an, China, 2016) for the first 30-year retrospective of photography in China. His work is regularly published in international titles such as Forbes, GEO, Le Monde and Wired.

Maxime is a member of the editorial board of EPIC magazine as an expert photographer on environmental issues. Invited to give a TEDx talk in Wageningen (Netherlands) in 2018 about his work, he presented Climate Heroes and his commitment to the planet:

Luke Duggleby, photographer

Luke Duggleby is a British freelance photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand for over 15 years. Focusing on Asia, he has worked for some of the world’s most respected media publications and NGOs, producing documentary and portrait photography on the struggles of human rights and environmental groups.

His work has been exhibited in the US, Europe and Asia and published in The Sunday Times Magazine (UK), National Geographic Magazine, The Smithsonian Magazine, The Guardian Magazine, TIME, GEO France, GEO Germany, The New York Times, among others. Luke gave a TEDx talk on his work on Thai activists who sacrificed their lives for their struggle

Peter Caton, photographer

Peter is a British photographer whose career as a photojournalist has focused almost exclusively around humanitarian causes, disadvantaged groups and some of the major global crises of our time. Since his 2010 exhibition, Sinking Sundarbans in partnership with Greenpeace, his work has been projected on the exterior walls of the famous Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo, he has documented the consequences of climate-related natural disasters in Africa, and in particular in Somalia.

Peter’s photographs have appeared in numerous publications around the world, including The Sunday Times Magazine, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Marie Claire, Esquire and Le Figaro. His monochrome portraits of leprosy victims have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Nicolas Axelrod, video artist and photographer

Specializing in documenting the negative impacts of development on local communities and the environment, he has worked for a number of international humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. His journalistic work has appeared in a variety of local and international publications, including the New York Times and Time Magazine. He has produced video content for clients such as National Geographic, CNN and NBC. Nick has been based in Southeast Asia since 2008.

Nicolas Beaumont, videographer and photographer

French photographer, Nicolas Beaumont lives in France but works all over the world. He began his photographic career in 2004 and various projects and exhibitions led him to question the relationship between humans and their environment. In 2010 he presents a first reportage realized in China on the consequences of the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. Since then, he has been meeting people who are working to help others around the world.



You will receive the book Climate Heroes signed by Maxime Riche
+ Your name in the book

10% of your contribution will be paid to the non-profits and collectives of citizens who manage the projects included in the book

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You can order a set of minimum 30 books (50$/€ each instead of 75) with a logo personnalisation in order to put your brand upfront as a support of climate heroes project.
+A video conference with one of the heroes of the book and Maxime Riché, in the form of a discussion on sustainable mechanics, permaculture, or DIY electricity, plastic recycling, etc.
+ Your sponsorship logo will be included on every communication we would address in the US.
Please contact us if you want to customize your sponsor pack (quantities, custom books etc.)

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